Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Lost in posting

I wrote a post but firefox crashed in another tab I had open causing all of the work to be lost. Leaves something to be said for those crappy seperate windows that IE uses currently. Ah well such is life. Everything is going well and I've got homework. I'm not going to rewrite a post. Later all.

Follow the link for your moment of zen since Blogger won't let us view video through them.


Crystal said...

Hah! Take that Firefox!

Actually I would really like to see firefox get better and surpas IE but until it does I reserve the right to mock it.

Okay and maybe mock it a little bit after the fact too... I still can't stop the Mac jokes either... and they have gotten good. But how does one recover from being able to deleate the harddrive in the trashcan?

Just Another Traveler said...

Speaking of Macs, I just saw a commercial which stated that Intel would be placing its chips in Mac computers. I don't follow the computer industry as much as I should but is this something I should pay attention to? You're my computer guru Matt, give me the info. Maybe that would be worth a bog entry (if its evenr worth talking about).

sylver said...

hehe. Have to love technology.

Crystal said...

So lost in posting, its been almost a month.