Tuesday, August 30, 2005

I am Still Breathing

Well that's one day down about 31 more to go. It seems all my classes are going to be fairly entertaining as well as informative (I have not had my Modern Short Novel class as that is only a Thursday night class). My Brit Lit class is going to be a nice over view from Milton on into 1780, however it is WAY TOO EARLY (9:30am). Chaucer:Canterbury Tales should be really fun (John I may need your help on some Middle English you crazy guy). In Late Shakespeare we are only doing five plays, Hamlet, Othello, Macbeth, King Lear, and The Tempest. All those classes together should really help me understand my other two class Modern European Novel (though this class is more focused on the continent) and of course Modern Short Story (I think this is also more focused on the Continent). Overall I'm really looking forward to these courses. Modern Euro Novel will probably be the most illuminating as I'll be reading seven texts of which I've only read one before (and that a bit ago in a class that I didn't pay much attention to, though I'm fairly familiar with Metamorphosis by Kafka).

I've got two papers in Chaucer both of which should be fairly easy as they will require no research for the first (900-1200 words) and provided research for the second (2000-3000 words).

Modern Short Novel's syllabus states there will be two, two to three page papers for that class (critical essays on works read). These should be fairly easy.

Modern Euro Novel is going to have two papers. First (500-1000 words) no critical refrences. Second (4-6 pages), analytical paper on a topic from a list. This one is a bit more developed and researched, will probably one of my most difficult papers.

Brit. Lit. has one in-class writing, not much prep on that except to read and think. There is also a research paper on an outside time/social topic for the period (I think I may do coffeehouses/newspapers/The Royal Society or who knows). This paper is not to exceed eight pages and has to have five sources cited. However as it is not a critical essay but a topical essay of choice this essay should prove fun.

Late Shakespeare is going to have five summaries (one for each play) she wants these pages to be less then two pages (closer to one preferred), no problem here. There is also going to be a research paper for this class however I currently don't have any information on it.

Overall, I'll be doing a serious quantity of reading. A fair bit of easy writing, and a small, very intensive amount, of researched/critical writing.

Sanity slipped a bit from my grasp this morning (I was waking up at 7:00 AM this morning - usually if I see this hour I'm about to fall asleep).


The third definition found at dictionary.com suites me best.

3. Eager, often agitated desire: my anxiety to make a good impression.

In seven hours and ten minutes from the time of my typing this I'll be a student in college once again. I'm a person very much concerned with first impressions, not only with my teachers but my fellow students. I haven't looked forward to a semester of school this much since probably high school (sadly about five years ago). Not only am I excited about expanding my mind I'm a bit nervous at my work load. Besides working in a restaurant probably about fifteen to twenty hours a week, I'll also be taking fifteen hours of classes, Literature/English classes to be specific. Let me just say that my reading list will very soon be extensive and have multiple volumes on it as once. I'm beginning with Don Quijote, The Canterbury Tales, Night, some 17th century poets (then onto Milton), and Hamlet (do plays get underlines?). Needless to say I'm going to go insane rather quickly the spiral into madness will be preserved for posterity here within my blog, I ask forgiveness for this while I am still coherent and lucid.

Now as I promised Crystal here is the Philosophy test that apparently everyone that is cool is doing (now ensues the jumping off a bridge question). Take the test here.

1. Ayn Rand (100%)
2. John Stuart Mill (84%)
3. Epicureans (75%)
4. Aristotle (71%)
5. Aquinas (67%)
6. Jean-Paul Sartre (65%)
7. Nietzsche (63%)
8. Kant (56%)
9. Prescriptivism (56%)
10. Jeremy Bentham (54%)
11. Cynics (51%)
12. Thomas Hobbes (47%)
13. Plato (46%)
14. St. Augustine (45%)
15. David Hume (42%)
16. Spinoza (41%)
17. Ockham (40%)
18. Nel Noddings (33%)
19. Stoics (33%)

No great surprise that I ended up with Rand as my 100%.

John, the statcounter I use can be found at Statcounter.com located at the bottom of my sidebar. Just sign up and follow their instructions if you have any questions let me know. Sidenote, I learned from the Statcounter that you Crystal are not using Firefox or Mozilla, but rather MSIE 6.0. Escape the domination of Microsoft and convert to the world of the Gecko family. See the link in my Navbar or at the bottom of my sidebar. I guess I'll still love ya if you continue to use IE but at least try out Firefox, it's so nice.

I also learned who my California visitor is. Apparently it is InktomiSearch which is a webcrawling search engine spider that apparently likes to visit my site fairly often for some unknown reason. Ah, well not gaining national recognition afterall. I guess I'll have to tell the few people in California that I now recall I do know that I have this. That way I can say I'm read Coast to Coast. Haha.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

The Power of the Internet

Okay so I recently installed a StatCounter on my blog here, just to see how many visits I was getting, and how long those visits were lasting. I'd like to thank John and Crystal for stopping in as often as they have. As well as Lewis(I believe) and a few others who have stopped in from Infinite Monkeys. But what really intrigued me was that someone from California has made multiple visits to my website. Now I personally do not know anyone in California so it intrigued me when I saw that someone from there had stopped in at least twice on two separate days. So I just wanted to say hello to everyone that I don't actually know who reads this. Feel free to introduce yourself as I'd love to check out your blog in return. By the way the StatCounter is totally free and is pretty interesting to see. Things like 63 Unique visitors on Friday but only 9 on Sunday. In any case hello to all the strangers that the power of the Internet has brought here.

Next up my Fantasy Football Draft. If you care to know here is my team. Feel free to comment.

Team Name: The Fall Down Drunks
1. Dante Culpepper - QB
2. Laveranues Coles - WR
3. Roy Williams - WR
4. Jimmy Smith - WR
5. Clinton Portis - RB
6. LaMont Jordan - RB
7. Deion Branch - WR
8. Brian Westbrook - RB
9. Carnell Williams - RB
10. Jake Delhomme - QB
11. L.J. Smith - TE
12. Mike Anderson - RB
13. Larry Johnson - RB
14. Philadelphia Eagles - DEF

Now I opted not to take a kicker because the differences between kickers really aren't all that great so I wasn't too worried about picking one up after the draft completed. I'm a bit heavy on RBs but you need depth due to injuries. Our league starts 3 WRs and also has a WR/TE flex position. Being a match-up league I'm feeling fairly good. I've got probably the highest scoring QB. Larry Johnson for RB for when Priest Holmes gets hurt. Delhomme as a very nice back-up QB for Culpepper's bye week as well as in case of injury. I've got some decent RBs but I'm hoping someone will trade multiple people for someone that is a bit higher up in the rankings. Now all there is to do is wait for the first week of games to start on 9/8 through 9/12. After that then my serious trash talk will begin. Good night all.

P.S. As I ran the spell checker over this I noticed that Blog is apparently not in the dictionary for this spellchecker. How hilarious. Of course neither is spellchecker. Haha.

Friday, August 26, 2005


I'm sorry to announce that I'm going to have to turn on the word verification in the comments. Made after a week or two I'll turn it off and see how things have settled down but for now I'll turn it on. You can still post anonymously, you just have to pass one of those annoying word verification tests for any comment post (yes I know they are hard to read and annoying but not as annoying as spam, at least to me). Hope it isn't that a big a deal for you folks, if it is...well comment on it. =P

Thursday, August 25, 2005

You are in Violation of....

After my recent post about hacking the Navbar from Blogger I got a comment from one Graeme about the possible violation of the TOS. A bit worried about this because I hadn't considered it before I went ahead and researched it just to be on the safe side. I actually went through and read both the TOS with Blogger.com and with Blogspot.com . Here is my personal opinion on the matter (we all know how wrong that could be).

It is possible that I am violating subsection

“(e) upload, post or otherwise transmit any Content that infringes any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other proprietary rights of any party; (f) upload, post or otherwise transmit any material that contains software viruses or any other computer code, files or programs designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any computer software or hardware or telecommunications equipment;”
from Section 4 of TOS with Blogspot.com

However, it is my personal opinion that the new flag button gives other members the ability to easily violate this section.

“Member shall not interfere with another Member's use and enjoyment of the Service or another entity's use and enjoyment of similar services.”
From Section 12 of TOS with Blogger.com

Another thing for them to keep in mind is this section
“You understand that by using the Service, you may be exposed to Content that is offensive, indecent or objectionable.”
From section 4 of TOS with Blogspot.com
Right there it tells everyone that you may occasionally find something offensive, indecent, or objectionable...earlier in the TOS they state that you shouldn't use Blogger.com or Blogspot.com to violate any laws. I really don't understand the reason for the flag button except that it may eventually be adapted to help us the members police ourselves from spammers and others who would violate the law with the services and cause possible legal problems for Blogger.com and Blogspot.com I do not want this to happen as I enjoy a free place to blog and keep friends up to date on what I am doing. Therefor I am against the current implementation of the flag feature but would like to see it become a feature where we the members use it to help Blogger be policed against potential illegal activity not against the subjective opinion of what is "objectionable". Thank you.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Damn Censors...(sorry about the length)

Okay, I'm not sure if any of you have noticed however there is a nice new feature added to the navbar across the top of blog pages. It is called the flag. This is to be used for the flagging of "possible" "objectionable" content. There are a few things wrong with this flag button.

First, it is anonymous. It should be tracked what a person rates as "objectionable" and quantitatively added into the formula for determining if something truely is objectionable. This whole idea stinks. If it is not illegal leave it alone.

Second, there is no accountablity for it. A person could get a perversive kick out of randomly flagging things.

Thirdly, the blog owner is not informed they have been flagged.

What does a flag do? From my understanding it removes the blog from the random "next blog" thing, as well as removing the blog from being featured on the blogspot site. Now neither of these are a large concern to me because I could care less if anyone else besides friends ever were to read this. However, it is the concept that I find deplorable. The mob mentality of judging the "objectionablity" of something within a personal blog is absolutly retarded. If something is not illegal it should be left alone. If you care to here is a way to remove the navbar from your blog.

To remove the navbar from your blog, copy and paste this little piece of code into your template somewhere between the style and /style tags and republish your blog:


I'm going to attempt to figure out a way to remove just the retarded flag icon form the navbar though it may be beyond my coding skills. If any of you figure out a way please let me know. I am really moralistically, ethically, valueistically (these are all words now) oppossed to this mob rule censorship that blogger has decided to adopt.

Edit: Okay I have found a massively nasty way to fix this. Basically I hide their navbar and then create my own without the flag button. Here is what you need to do.

In your template between the style and /style> tags place the following. (I'm not sure if it is all needed but mine has it all and it works.) (More instructions follow.)


border-bottom:1px solid #222;

background:#333 url("../../img/navbar/3/corner.gif") no-repeat left bottom;

border:1px solid #555;

#c-this a

#c-this a:hover

border-bottom:1px solid #111;
font:x-small "Trebuchet MS",Verdana,Arial,Sans-serif !important;
font-size/* */:/**/small !important;
font-size: /**/small !important;
position:absolute !important;
display:block !important;

#c-navbar a img
display:inline !important;

#c-navbar #c-logo
position:absolute !important;

#c-logo img
display:inline !important;

background:#111 url("../../img/navbar/corner.gif") no-repeat left bottom;
margin:0 0 0 100px;
padding:4px 7px;

display:block !important;

#c-more a


/* hide from IE5-Mac \*/
font-size:x-small !important;
/* end hide */


display:block !important;

#c-this a

#c-this a:hover

Now after your style tags in the template you should see the head tag and then a line or two later the body tag. At this point paste the following. (more instructions after)

<div id="c-navbar"><a href="http://www.blogger.com/" id="c-logo" title="Go to Blogger.com"><img src="http://www.blogger.com/img/navbar/3/logobar.gif" alt="Blogger" height="24" width="80" /></a><form id="c-search" action="http://www.google.com/search"><div id="c-more"><a href="http://www.blogger.com/" id="c-getorpost"><img src="http://www.blogger.com/img/navbar/3/btn_getblog.gif" alt="Get your own blog" height="15" width="112" /></a><a href="http://www.blogger.com/redirect/next_blog.pyra?navBar=true" id="c-next"><img src="http://www.blogger.com/img/navbar/3/btn_nextblog.gif" alt="Next blog" height="15" width="72" /></a></div><div id="c-this"><input id="b-query" name="q" type="text"><input name="ie" value="UTF-8" type="hidden"><input name="sitesearch" value="mattsasylum.blogspot.com" type="hidden"><input src="http://www.blogger.com/img/navbar/3/btn_search.gif" alt="Search" value="Search" id="c-searchbtn" title="Search this blog with Google" type="image"><a href="javascript:BlogThis();" id="c-blogthis">BlogThis!</a></div></form></div>

That's all you may need to adjust the background color in #c-search...as well as the border-bottom color in #c-navbar (the second one I believe). Hope that helps folks.

Words of Wisdom

Well perhaps not so much wisdom as mere words. However, my excuse Nathan is similar to yours. I have done nothing except work and read these last few days. My last post was titled boredom for a reason I simply can not wait for school to begin as life is fairly boring while I am in full anticipation of that day which is less than a week away.

I have somewhat begun to prepare (buying books counts right?). I have some background reading to do, begin with English history during Chaucer, move through Shakespeare then into later history through 1780. After that it will be to understand the influences of the Modern Short Novel and the Modern European Novel, by the way Modern European Novel begins all the way back with Cervantes apparently as we are going to read at least part of Don Quixote. But yes John I have begun that background reading as well as reimmersing myself in the art of reading multiple books/texts at once (well not simultaneously but you understand). I am nearly finished with Barth's Floating Opera and I fear I may not have time to read The End of the Road. At the bookstore today I begin to read Gilead:A novel by Marilynne Robinson, the name attracted me as well as the fact that it won the Pulitzer this year. I've read up to page 51 and I must say it draws one in and urges them to continue the reading I may pick the book up, but more likely I'll read it at B&N. Anyways, as soon as I finish Barth I'm going to begin Wiesel's Night which is our first text for my Modern Short Novel class. Don't expect much until Tuesday evening after my first day of classes.

Secondarily, I began work on a personal project which may one day become a novel, a graphic novel, an anime TV/movie program, or remain digital 1's and 0's (the most likely). Anyways, I will talk with you all again.

Sidenote, school is much too expensive for students to ever afford it, I spent $630 on tuition alone after my FLORIDA PREPAID, come on I'm going to college so I can get a real job and make money, what is up with these upfront costs....it's just like those get rich quick schemes that never pan out....ah well. I will definitely have something Tuesday evening...probably not before.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Well it has been an uneventful last few days. School starts in just under two weeks and for the first time in a few years I'm actually looking forward to the start of a school year (I do not however envy John or Nathan who are both neck deep in more work then I will ever desire). So at the moment I'm getting in as much reading for pleasure as I can, Robert Jordan (again), Dan Brown, Barth; I'm sure I'll pick up a few more things because once school starts I'm fairly certain that I'll be reading about 2-3 books at a time and several poems, shorts, essays, and articles, all in a continuous state of fluctuated understanding within my meager brain. Life will become interesting and I'll once again have concepts, ideas, and thoughts to discuss with other folks rather than just "what I did today". Speaking of which, the other night Stites and I went to see Four Brothers. Word of warning, this is a drama movie with a few action scenes, not an action movie with dramatic moments. A bit disappointed because I was expecting something different I came home and watched The Transporter, the sequel is coming out soon and I had not seen the original I figured it was about time. This movie happily satisfied my need for gratuitous explosions and gun-fire. All in all this past near week has been rather boring, school seems so far away, but work is early tomorrow morning. Good night all.

Friday, August 12, 2005

My Hott Friends will be here Soon.....yeah RIGHT

John and I are supposed to meet Stephanie Handel (a girl we both knew in High School, very cute, outgoing, and generally fun to hang out with...she still is). We meet her, Matt ends up not having to work so he meets up with us for a few drinks and pool. Then my cousin calls and she and hot female friends are out at Whiskey Park North. "Let's go" is the general consensus. So, John, Steph, and I head out there Matt goes home. We arrive. "Hott friends will arrive in 30 minutes." Sure no prob let's drink until then. 45 minutes later..."where are your hott friends"..."I'm not sure." Damn o well. So we hang out see a guy we haven't seen since high school (Brent Selph, who is now in Law school at FSU second year). Turns out he worked in the Public Defender's office with a guy who likes my cousin. After a while, Marie's (my cousin) one female friend who was there decided she drank too much and her body begins the wonderful cycle of regergitation (vomitting). John and I decide to do our good deed for the week (month...year) and offer to take her home because some pyscho guy who is in love with her wouldn't leave her side. We get her in the car and after a few stops along the side of the road we finally get her home, where after dumping out her purse she finds her keys and gets inside safely. We then proceed home where I am now and wondering if my cousin made it home safely or if I have to go kill some guy that either didn't help her get home safely or took advantage of her. Either way he gets to suffer before death. I'll see you all again tomorrow or Saturday, goodnight.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Skyrockets in Flight...

Okay so as you all probably know, Zorro and the Blue Footballs (our team name for trivia) totally bombed out of trivia on Monday night due to horribly phrased questions and incorrect answers that the judge's insisted were right (well we never argued but I'm pretty sure we couldn't have done as bad as we did unless the judges were cheating us). Anyways, tonight was a whole new ball game. Instead of going out to play pool, shoot darts, and drink then ending up singing kareoke. We went out with the actual intention of singing kareoke. Very little drinking occured at our table this evening. Matt (Stites) and I did our rendition of Rapper's Delight which got a nice round of applause and a few compliments. Then we suffered through untold hours of agony as people chose the slowest, saddest country songs that were available in the book and then proceeded to sing them horribly. Nikole sang two songs in her very distinctive voice that can totally belt out hits with more volume and power then one would imagine coming out of her tiny little frame (I will say the second song probably wasn't such a great choice because I'm not sure she knew it as well as the first but she still did a hell of a lot better then most people in that place on the second, the first song she did was probably one of the best sung tonight). However, I have to say that the award for the best done kareoke song was "Wake me Up before you Go-Go" by wham as sung by Matt, Matt, and John. We missed most of the first verses, I thought the song was over before it was and had put my mike down, then a little after Matt (Stites) thought the song was over before it was and had put his mike down. The worse part is that Stites was the only one who really knew the words and he has the worst voice out of us three. In any case we left quickly so we didn't suffer through more of sad, sad country songs folks were picking. Side note, even though John spent five years in Troy he had never heard of the song, "She thinks my tractor's sexy". He is a big disappointment. Well goodnight all.

P.S. Unfortunatly we did not get to sing "Afternoon Delight" as Matt and I wanted to, nor did John and I get to sing "One Week", the country songs were just too bad to hang around.

Monday, August 08, 2005

So I'm Drunk...

Let me just say that before I was drunk the girls were hot....and that's all that really matters. John and I play a few games of pool and then darts. We decided to sing "Sweet Home Alabama", all John's idea. We bought a few girls some shots.Since I knew the bartender I thought it'd be okay but it turned out not so hott. Anyways, I talked to some hott girls and then we ran out before singing the song they requested which would have them talking to us more. Anyways, John owes me and we were both trashed. I'll talk to you all tomorrow night at trivia. Later.

Edit: I don't even remember writing this post. Good times.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Okay Two Things for this Evening.

First up, a really cool website for any fan of ascii art, the matrix, or interesting websites. The Ascii Matrix is probably one of the most unique sites I've ever run across and it is once again thanks to Stumble. So if you haven't gotten Stumble for your Firefox browser get it.

Second up, my evening. I went to dinner with my parents (if it's free why on Earth would I refuse?) at Johnny Carino's. Now as some of you know I work at Macaroni Grill. Both are country italian restruants, in most people's opinion Carino's is pure knockoff of Macroni Grill, this is mostly true. There are a few dishes on their menu though that we do not have on ours, namely Lambchop Marsala. MMMmmm, good. Not nearly as much lamb as I had hoped for at the price, but still are rather nice dish that went well with the Shiraz (Rosewood I believe) that they carry. Now in order to make a family evening of it we decided to go ahead and get a movie over the cable box with Movies on Demand. None of us having seen Hitch and all being fans of not only Will Smith but comedy (even if they are romantic comedies) it was an easy choice, I think I had seen nearly all the other options. It was your classic romantic comedy plot. Boy meet girl, fall in love, girl do something stupid (or sometimes the guy), guy lose girl, guy fight to get girl back. Will Smith and Kevin James really make this a movie worth seeing. Smith's smooth style and James's social ineptness really make the two mesh well as co-actor's allowing the male side of the story (the main plot him overcoming fear in order to fight for what he wants) can really be told by two great actors. If you haven't seen it, go ahead and drop the $2-4 and rent it for a date night (or to pick up a few pointers if you're currently dateless). Overall, a pleasant and relaxing evening.

Tomorrow is an all day at work and Monday night is trivia because John-boy is back in TOWN. Until I write again.

Last thing, Sunday (the 7th) is my friend Nikole's birthday, her 21st to be specific. So happy birthday to you dear and you're now world famous because we all know that the movers and the shakers of the world read my blog.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Amaztype - Crazy things that are out there

Okay here is one of those really cool things I found with that Stumble Addon I wrote about a few days back. Anyways, what it does is make a collage of whatever you search for based on the images that amazon gives back as a response to the search. Very interesting. In any case my cough is pretty much all the way gone, my neck muscles seem to be about back to normal, and I slept for nearly 24hours yesterday/today. Overall I'm ready to get back to a normal life now. Hope everything is well with all of you out there.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


"BullSheff said...

I need an update, damnit!"

Okay so here is my update. I've been coughing and hacking up nasty, nasty phlegm. No sore throat, no temperature, just annoying coughs and pain in my neck muscles whenever I decide to turn my head. I begin self-medication the other evening with little effect, however I can no say the cough is nearly gone but the muscle pain is even worse. Someone needs to buy me a masseuse to make this pain go away. Anyways, I've done very little recently. I was invited to join a fantasy football league which should be interesting. I've never "REALLY" followed football but I do know that the object of the game is carry that little ball around and avoid other guys. Crazy sports we Americans have.

Anyways, no worries that you are all missing out on some great big stories. I just hurt when I move my head so I haven't read much or done much of anything. Don't worry though I'll be better before John comes in town so we can do something insane to commemorate his last free week before Grad school. Side note, I start school on Aug. 29 and part of me can not wait, the part that lives a very boring life, the other part is smugly sure that 15hours of Lit/Eng classes is too much for any one man to pull off, I tell this part to shut-up and remind it of my clone machine (think Calvin and Hobbes).

"Jackson said
(PS- I hope a beer will be waiting...I've been without since I got here)."

To this I say,

Wouldst thou care for a pale or a dark lager, or any particular brew?
It shall be the one waiting on you.
The other beers will all have been drunk by myself, Matt, or drinking Matt, but we'll save you one.


Monday, August 01, 2005

Reasons to Work in a Restruant (or Hardly Work)

Okay so Saturday night was Jefwas in July, an annual celebration that involves drinking, a theme (this year was the 80's notice the costumes), and of course Sara Michelle Geller. Now, this is one of the bonuses of working in a restruant, crazy parties with alcohol and beautiful young ladies (most of which want absolutely nothing to do with you). Okay so a few more pictures from the party and then on to other things.

Sorry about the blurry qualty of the pictures had I realized how many great photo moments would have been generate by an 80's themed party I would have brought my real camera instead of just my phone cam. Anyways, these are probably some of the best costumes at the party. The sports coats, t-shirts, jeans look was huge in the 80's, especially ripped jeans.

Now for the bad news about working in a restruant. There is always your last day on the job. If you're one of those people that are easily offended don't look; if you enjoy funny junk take a peak. Anyways, this was Evan earlier today after his last shift - for the time being - at Macaroni Grill. Imagine whip cream in his hair and all over the right side of his face, not to mention the flour someone tossed on him. Man are we evil. Side note, yes this is the type of stuff that occurs in the back area of restruants that you can't see. I will say however that I, nor anyone that I know of has ever done anything nasty to food, drink, or such that goes to a table. We do goof off as much as possible though in order to alliviate the strees of dealing with crappy tables who do nothing but bitch over one too many ice cubes in their drink and then leave a measly ten percent or so tip and think they've made your day with it. Twenty percent is what I always expect and nearly demand, I gave change back to a guest once and told them it was change not a tip. They weren't really happy but at least they didn't insult me, they must have forgotten the tip entirely. Ah well, such is life. Sorry for the server rant.

Well it's all been a great bit of fun these last few days. Sorry for not keeping you more up to date, but the bed calls more loudly then the blog does, at least at this point and I hope it stays that way until I'm making money off this somehow.

Parting words, I have floor tickets to Weezer and Foo Fighters Co-Headling tour which appears in Tampa on September 11th at the St. Pete Times Forum. Should be a damn good time.