Monday, February 20, 2006

Are you happy now?

School takes up a lot of time. Life is good. I'm now also a bartender at MacShack. Hope all is well with everyone. I have a philosophy paper due in about 4 hours, I haven't started yet. I have a mid-term tonight that I have to finish preparing for. Hope you folks are better at not procrastinating than I am. Your Zen courtesy of Matt Stites, who is actually getting a real job soon. More on that later.

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Crystal said...

Whoo for the update as short as it might actually be!

Never herd of this MacShack,is this a bar only? Another eatery bar?

Good luck with the paper and the mid-term

Just Another Traveler said...

Yeah, where is MacShack? You better still be working there next time I come to visit. Not for the free beer (though, that would be cool) but just to see you do that cool thing where the bartender lights the single, lonely-looking hot chick's cigarette and says "Rough Day?" Oh yes, you shall be MacDaddy Cool.