Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Everyone needs an Addiction....

Okay so, I have a presentation on Monday in my Brit. Lit. 1616-1780 class. This has to be on a historical thing somewhat related to our current readings. Since we just had to read some newspaper/periodical (personal) essays from the time period i noticed there was continuous reference to coffee houses. Being an addict of the bean I decided that perhaps this would be an appropriate topic. Any and all help on this would be appreciated, places for research and such (John I know you're an addict as well so if you know some sites that give a history of the bean in England I'd appreciate it. But not just the bean I mainly want to examine the phenom of the coffee house. They were used as gathering places for discussion and depending on the house different topics of discussion.

First, who decided what topic in what coffee house?
Second, why don't we do this anymore?
Third, why coffee houses and not somewhere else?
Fourth, how long did this phenom take to grip the public?

So with those questions in mind I am setting off on some research before my evening class. Any and all help that can be converted into powerpoint slides would be appreciated. thank you.


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Crystal said...

Interesting tidbit, helpful or not ::shrug::

Japan is a place of tea, and we all pretty much know that, but they also like their coffee. But coffee here is not a 'coveted position' like that in the US. There are no barristas compeating in town to make the foam all pretty.

Most people are not picky about their coffee and a large portion of it comes from venging machines or is bought in cans in stores. There are a few starbucks here and there, but in all honesty I think there are here for the 'american novelty' of it.

I think (from an outsiders view) coffee is viewed as a stimulant not a refined drink. The cans are often small (like red bull) and not savored and mulled over but drunk in more of a quick into my system type of consuption.

In Asia it is the tea house that reins suprime, that is where discussions happen, music is played or even plays performed. And if I understand it correctly, tea houses are not really so much for the young either... so where the youth of asia go for this intellectual stimulation, I don't know.

So thats my take on Asia and coffee from how an outsider views it.