Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The New World Order

I really shouldn't title this post that, but I'm currently drawing a blank on what else I might call it. Anyways, let's see what else is going on. I actually went to my classes today (well not the 6pm one because that hasn't occured yet though I am rushing this post off in order to grab some Starbucks and still make class on time - or close to it), so that makes three successful days of classes, only about two dozen more to go. Anyways, the primary elections were yesterday and sadly Rhonda Storms (searched for a webpage but couldn't find one in time) won the Republican primary for State Senate so I'm looking closely into Stephan Gorham who is the Democratic candidate for the State Senate in my district. So when I have a bit more time I'll post more, for now I have to grab some Starbucks and run to "Comparitive Translations in Film and Literature" or something like that, we're watching Lost in Translation. Everyone else have a great night and we'll talk later. I may be able to provide a review of Beerfest later on.

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Crystal said...

Hrm yes. I generally vote Democrat because I like a bit of government (such as heathcare for all, aka government healthcare) but more and more for me it seems to be a war of 'liberal' versus 'conservative' more than anything else. And some how along the way it became liberal = democrat and conservative = republican and there is just no middle ground.

I am a California tree hugging hippy, so of course I am considered a 'liberal' on either side. But issues on how much government I want, that waffles. Okay, I am slowly loosing my grasp on my point at 6:30am...

I am sick of party politics. I am sick of liberal/conservative lables. Just give me the issues so I can decide for myself. Voters should be educated, not vote based on names the officials call themselves or names other people call the officials. And how about some variety for canidates? Why do we have to have only the extreems represented? I think we need to do away with the party system or encourage more 'independants' to run.

I am nonsensically ranting but I think you get mostly the idea I am trying to convey here.