Monday, December 01, 2008

Thanksgiving and Holidays

Ah...Thanksgiving how I love the Pecan Pie you bring about. So another year's Thanksgiving where we all get together and eat obscene amounts of food then throw away more leftovers than many families see in a week; such a joy to be American. In any case we actually still have some leftovers as they are still good for a few more days so we'll try to eat them before the end. Was a great weekend. A pipe burst at my grandfather's so he had to shut off his water causing Thanksgiving day lunch/supper/dinner (whatever it's called when you eat at 2pm) to be moved from his house to my parent's house. My mother of course was a nervous wreck since it was moved the morning of and she didn't have time to "properly" clean, even though the house probably would have passed a white glove test. Well family came over, food was eaten, football was watched, and naps were taken; good times had by all (especially me since I was one of the nap takers). After the family was done at my parent's house we headed over to my mom's mom's house where that side of the family partially gathered for desserts; I say partially because my Grandmother hadn't been feeling well so she canceled the official dessert party she usually has. Friday nothing happened. Saturday nothing happened. Sunday nothing happened. Today was Monday...nothing happened. Tomorrow I plan on applying for a job at the casino before heading to my class in the evening. We'll see what happens with that. I promise I'll re-install Ubuntu soon and blog the whole customization process but I just haven't been in the mood to mess with that lately. Anyways, downloaded new fonts and brushes for Gimp (free art program very similar to Photoshop but free), and I've been playing with that lately. Enjoy the most recent work. That still needs to be cleaned up and professionalized.

An animated user bar for a forum to love VanGogh vodka:

An actually proper sig for a forum not much but still something I made:

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Crystal said...

I love GIMP, we used to spend lots of time bootlegging Photoshop and then we found gimp, been happy with it ever since.