Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Another uneventful weekend

So yet another do nothing weekend. I babysat on Friday night (my nephew who is 3 and niece who is nearing 2). Then after that I went to a friend's house (Matt the Pellilo for those in the know) where he, Stites, and I (three Matts so very confusing) played Halo 3 and drank...until about 3am...then we started playing quarters while watching Boondock Saints (it was decided quarters was better for our liver than doing a shot every time they said fuck - 213 or so). Waking up the next morning we proceeded to watch Tropic Thunder (a ridiculously hilarious movie that I recommend watching either drunk or another form of intoxication though none is required for enjoyment). After the movie we played some more of The Halo. After enough time we all headed to our respective houses. Not much done on Sunday some stuff with my online game. Monday I slept a great deal...such is life. Today I have done nothing except go to class and write this post. I need a project to work on. I think I'll start my computer reconstruction either Friday night or Saturday. Later all.

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