Thursday, October 05, 2006


Okay, so as a pioneer of change and adaptation/adoption, I have decided to convert over to Blogger Beta and try out some of their control features. They offer more flexibility but also have a higher learning curve. I'm going to have to take a weekend some time and really dig into what is going on with the HTML/Scripting within the page. Overall I think Blogger is moving in the right direction by trying to become more customizable for individual users. I'm looking forward to being a part of this beta and whenever I screw-up my page I hope you all don't laugh too much at what's going on with it. That's all for now, I have mid-terms that I must needs return to. Good night.


Crystal said...

I had not herd they were doing a beta... I love modification (can you tell by my blog?). Hopefully they will allow comment form modification, thats what I want to see.

Crystal said...

So I scoped out blogger Beta, and I am impressed and unimpressed all at the same time.

The new template options makes adding things to your blog fairly idiot proof, now any one can do it. That was a plus for making it generally user friendly for those who don't know HTML and thus more competative as many sites don't do this.

I enjoy the new tags option it makes searching blogs easier. This is something I wish had been implimented earlier. I almost added a third party thing that did this but never got it to work and look like I wanted so I canned it. I am glad blogger is adding it.

But I did find that blogger has left the comment section, the most difficult thing to modify (even for advanced users) compleatly unchanged. This is a huge disappointment as many people have wanted changes made here since blogger first roll out.

But alas I am not eligible to use blogger Beta yet, I have not gotten my invitation to convert and so I have to wait (as I am not changing all my sites to convert). I will keep checking your blog to see what other improovements have been made.