Friday, October 27, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me

Okay, so yesterday was my b-day. I'm still waiting for all of the fabulous gifts I know everyone bought me to arrive but I'm sure they'll be here by the end of next week. And now for your thrity second update. Mid-terms were great two 89s and a 95. my other two classes don't have mids. My essay writing style has vastly improved and my creative writing (poetry) has improved in my head though I haven't actually gotten anything on paper. I'm considering joing the the Nano writers month idea in order to write a novel and be encouraged by a large group to do so in small bits every day. In any case that's your time limit on the update and I'm off to prepare for the most insane drunkfest of all time that is being covered as a halloween party and we're making the girls dress as skankily as possible and drink insane amounts to encourage less inhibition. As you all can notice I still have horrid spelling, not sure that will ever improve. Good night and good luck with your helloween partying. Pictures of tonights event will be posted unless very incriminating. Later and Night.

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Crystal said...

Happy Birthday... my gift must have gotten lost in the mail... yeah... thats it.

Tonight Jason and I too shall be partying hard. Hopefully we will have some fun pics too.