Thursday, March 06, 2008

O like a phoenix

Okay so today is March 6 of the year 2008. Let's just go ahead and admit that I'm not perfect. I know groans of disappointment and despair are echoing around the world as people read this. In any case first things first, I believe that death is the only definition of life, therefore I must come to grips with the fact that regardless of my personal belief that science and medicine will extend life expectancy to beyond 200 years I'm much more likely to die before I'm 80. Thus I must begin getting on with the whole living for a purpose thing. Now the hard part.

What the hell is my purpose? Yes, yes, a rather esoteric and pretty meaningless question to ask, especially rhetorically, even worse when I don't know the answer myself. Well, for the time being I'm going to go ahead and examine what possible purpose I could have by exploring other avenues that are currently available. Namely, what am I passionate about? Now most people would consider this an easy question to answer, they'd spew off a list of at least five if not twenty things which they feel they are genuinely passionate about. I however was once broken up with by a girl because she said I lacked passion for anything. At the time I thought the girl wrong but she was all to right. I really could give two shits about everything. Is this really a bad thing? Well, I'll worry about that later. I've just endured another sleepless night and now that it is near 8am I"m thinking of doing something rather unproductive like veg in front of the TV watching idiotic stupidity or veg in front of the TV playing meaningless unrealistic video games. Ah, the choices of the quarter life crisised white anglo protestant male. At least I'm not out buying a sports car....wait that's because I've got about $100 and no current money making prospects....

Is anyone actually reading this?


Crystal said...

Heh, ironically, yes some one is reading this. Thank you FeedBlitz that emails me when people update their blogs. I had sort of given up on you there, but it seems your still kickin

Anonymous said...

You're back! And yes there are eager readers out here in the internets who miss your thoughts! And as I glance over to the sidebar I see you both lifehack and rocketboom... two of my favorite past times. Hey, drop me an email if you get the chance and give me an update. I promise to enact a reply swiftly ;-)