Wednesday, November 05, 2008

O how I love to resurrect old things...

So, maybe this will hold a bit better this time. Who knows I may lose interest after just this post yet again. Don't count on anything very regular as we all know I'm bound to just go wandering off after some tangent thought that obliterates all recollection that this even exists. In any case. Onward, for you Crystal (because you probably don't know yet and I know you'll get an RSS on this) I graduated last May with my degree in English - Creative Writing (woohoo). Now all I have to do is find a job (I love my parents!!).

Things I currently find fun. Well John just introduced me to this thing called LibraryThing where you can put all of your books into an online library and so forth (no I haven't yet finished listing all my books it takes a while to get books, find the ISBN, enter it and then select them). In any case that is something I'll probably find entertaining for a while because they may send me free books to review (and I would never tire of free books).

Next up we have my daily entertainment. I began to help work on an online browser based video game (honestly I'm not sure any of you will enjoy it as it is a text based strategy game that eats your soul...I mean life). I no longer play it though because it just takes up so much time however I still help test new developments, find and kill bugs, and I believe I may start doing some actual coding for it. Anyways it is thematically based off of the television show Stargate and Stargate: Atlantis (how I found it) but theme is about as far as the basis goes. Here is the link. If you happen to check it out you'll find me beating people on the forum under the name of Thade (it's an anagram of death how clever am I?). In any case that's that. Other current areas of entertainment for me are watching House (which is on USA all the time now so the DVR has like 10 episodes to view at a time for marathons) and going to my brother's house to see my niece and nephew. All in all I lead a very uninteresting life at the moment. After having talked to John and Tiff the other night I want them to move to London or Paris and take me with them so I can get a crappy job without a work visa get found out and deported so I can begin my career as an American Political Activist (a very brief stint in a foreign jail could possibly be beneficial as well). O well the stuff of dreams.

Anyone out there interested in helping me write a cyberpunk television show? I've already got about 3 episodes outlined just need to actually have someone focus me into writing them (focus is always my issue I'm so much more an idea man). Toodles (that isn't used enough), I'm signing out.

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Crystal said...

Might I start out with, I love being mentioned by name. Its not quite like being in the paper, but since I doubt that will happen soon, I'll take what I can get.

To be honest I got the RSS and couldn't figure out who the hell "The Asylum" was but I soon pieced it together.

As soon as you started talking about your text based online game, I instantly thought of my husbands obsession with similar games, now, should I send him the link...

Glad to see you not only graduated but your writing again.