Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Air Marshall Shoots Suspect

Okay so for those of you who don't know a man was shot in Miami today after claiming he had a bomb in his carry on. He ran from Air Marshalls and when told to get on the ground proceeded to reach inside of the supposed bomb carry on. Marshalls opened fire and the man was dead shortly after. After the fact the man's wife reveals he had bi-polar disorder and hadn't taken his medication. Several things are learned by this incident. First, never joke about bombs and airplanes, no one actually finds it funny and you could get anything from fines, jail, or being shot. Second, if you (or a loved one) has a mental disorder take your medication (or make sure they take it). Thirdly, the Air Marshalls were actually a bit reserved before shooting the man, he apparently told them about the bomb on the plane and then ran all the way off the plane and made it to the terminal area before trying to reach inside the bag and being shot. Fourthly, always do what the man pointing a gun at you says to do. Lastly, from reports of other folks within the terminal D of Miami the airline/airport personal were a bit confused on exactly what procedures should be followed after the shooting. Overall it was a sad affair and one that several will misuse in order to claim we need to reduce the Air Marshall program.

Today was the anniversary of Pearl Harbor and the event was commemorated with a service of rememberence.

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Chicago man sues Microsoft over his X-Box 360 being designed poorly and over-heating.

"A lawyer with a briefcase can steal more than a thousand men with guns." - Mario Puzo

Greed never fails to amaze me. Check out the Greed. More Greed with 24 systems.


Just Another Traveler said...

It is so refreshing to hear a sensible opinion on the unfortunate circumstances today. You took the words right out of my mouth. I was watching CNN/FOX/MSNBC this evening trying to make sense of the ordeal and couldn't help but bite my tongue. Honestly, how much DOES it take to make the use of a firearm "necessary"... a writen letter from the man's doctor describing his disease, the doctor's qualifications and a medical practitioner, and a list of his favorite bands? I'm not a huge fan of firearms, but if I'm on a plane and someone starts running frantically up the aisle, somebody better do something quick, and that is exactly what these airmarshalls are trained for. Can't we give a man credit for a job well done? Think of what was going through his mind: risk killing an innocent man, or do nothing, hesitate and risk jeapardizing the lives of an entire aircraft.

And that's my rant. Goodnight!

Crystal said...

I am going to leave the air marshal bit alone seeing as how I am a pacifist and all and move right on to the X Box 360

We actually know some one who stood in line to buy one at Walmart and is now selling it on eBay for about $900. I would like to say that people are crazy, its a damned video game... one that you will be able to get for next to nothing come March. Silly people, paying all that money so you can say you played the new Perfect Dark first...

Crystal said...

Oh yeah and... Happy Holidays