Monday, December 12, 2005

All About Me

So I have little to speak of from the weekend. I believe I have finally caught up on all my sleep, though we'll see for sure as my schedual is now all out of whack. I'm thinking I'll go see either Narnia or Syriana tomorrow evening. Both movies look great and which ever I don't see tomorrow I'll just see shortly thereafter. Made a few updates to the page here (mainly in the sidebar because it needed it). Anyone who wants a Christmas list for me don't worry I'll be posting that in the next few days along with some pictures I have yet to take. Hope everyone's holidays are going well and they aren't being ruined by exams. Goodnight.

Edit: Why cruising with the next blog button is entertaining. Saturn out of Saturnalia an argument to all the Christians worried about Christ being taken out of Christmas when it wasn't even our holiday to begin with (nor will it ever truly be a Christian Holiday, that's what Easter is for). So remember the paganess this year and drink up the eggnog.

Your moment of Zen:

"It is the addition of strangeness to beauty that constitutes the romantic character in art." - Walter Hagen

Image stolen from Zen Mischief


Crystal said...

Ah your link has been yoinked and corss posted, thanks. Maybe I should post my christmas list in case some one wants to send me stuff too ::smile::

Just Another Traveler said...

Yes, but even Easter is a rip off from centuries of fertility rites, Dionysus being the example par excellance. Unfortunetely, no Christian ritual is original in its practice, even the Eucharist, the pivot of Christian faith (especially for Catholicism) is stolen from the cults of Sol and Zooraster from the early first century. Which is why the individual experience is so important to the Christian mythos: without the individual, the ritual is divested of meaning, left to float arbitrarily (and paradigmatically) among the endless pages of M. Eliade.

For the first time I've become antagonistic about "happy holidays." You know what, it's Christmas whether you're Christian or not. Not because I believe in a single God (which the Bible tells me can kick your God's ass ;-), but because Christmas has been absorbed into the American mythos: it is an patriotic holiday, a capitalist holiday, and a Christian holiday (varying in their degrees of importance of course). Just like the relics of medieval Europe: for some, it was a symbol of national pride to possess the bones of St. Becket; for others, it was an important tourist attraction that brought commerce in the form of pilgrimage; and for others, it was a celebration of religious piety and devotion. Christmas is not so much different. But whether you are agnostic, atheist, Jew, Islamic, Hindu etc you can still celebrate the Christmas season. Buy a tree and decorate it with the kids; bake a turkey and some cookies and have the family over for dinner; get a present for all your friends just to let them know you appreciate your relationship; sing a couple songs together (non-religious if you prefer). I couldn't think of a better idea for a national holiday. So get out there and celebrate the *Christmas* spirit, dammit!

PS- And I deliberately didn't mention Kwanza. Get real, that is not a real holiday. Well, it certainly isn't an African holiday.