Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Sitting on the Edge of One's Seat

Is it possible to make an exciting, intense, controversial, mind-warping movie about a corporation? Absofrickinglutely!!! But only if that corporation is involved in oil and energy trades, has friends within the US government, and is able to throw money around in the Middle East in order to keep those who are close to us, well close. Syriana is go from the moment those crappy trailers end. Yes, those trailers are crappy because what ever movie is being previewed ain't got crap on what you're about to see. What scares me most about the movie is that while I know it is fictionalized in order to make it more appealing to a wider audience and get some explosions in there; one can not help but wonder exactly how much is true. I am going to go out and immediately check out See No Evil by Robert Baer because the movie is loosely based off of this nonfiction work. I must say that I wasn't exactly sure what I was going to feel about this movie, being the conservative Ayn Randist that I am who is all about less government and Laissez-faire economics, however, the writer, director, and actors all make compelling performance and evidence to think that perhaps the best way to support peace is through equality of economics (which actually fits right in with my views anyways). The only thing is that everyone has to want to work for that equality.

Slight spoiler: the man who is the "bad guy" to the American government, is in my opinion the man they should be working closely with.

It astounds me the shortsightedness of certain decisions that are made within the movie and yet I can very easily draw similar parallels between actions within the movie and actions that are known to the American public. Immediate gratification will most likely be the ultimate downfall of our society; we have already had several past expedient solutions become serious problems afterwards (Saddam Hussein for example; hell even Bin Laden). Immediacy is why we are a debt culture and why credit companies make so much money, no one understands how to save up for something if they can just charge it now and worry about paying later.

I have three credit cards: a clothing store card, and two Visas (one of which has never been used in the four+ months I've had it), I also have a Debit card since I think writing checks is something I'd never keep track of or do properly. Not once have I carried a balance I couldn't pay immediately (building credit requires a small carry over), I simply buy things I can afford, or wait and usually forget about it.

The movie allows segues into several areas of life, I've just run off on my economic anti-debt spew. It's one am and the movie just let out. I need sleep so forgive my definitive way of writing on the subject I'm sure you'll all argue meaningful concise opposing views to which I may or may not have an answer once I am a bit more lucid and concise of thought. Thank you for your tolerance as reward your moment of Zen.

P.S. Before you have "your" Zen, here is mine. I won $578 at the Casino this afternoon; not so bad for 6 or so hours of work. I'm that good.

" Imagine there's no countries,
It isn't hard to do,
Nothing to kill or die for,
No religion too,"
-from Imagine by Lennon (in honor of the recent anniversary of his passing)

Image stolen from Peter Menzel Photography.


Crystal said...

We are an instant gratification culture. "Do you want it done now, or do you want it done right?" -Homer Simpson

Word of the day zsrmffs the new age smurf

Crystal said...

Let me know your schedual if your working and I will see if I can stop in and catch you for maybe a quick lunch with Jason or something. Or IM me a number or email I can reach you at and perhaps we can work something out. I am DBerge1088

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