Friday, December 09, 2005

Jose Gonzalez

The next big thing for US music, in my opinion (which is the only one that matters here) is Jose Gonzalez. He will over take Jack Johnson and John Meyer (because his music is still real unlike Meyer with his live sell out albums and I just haven't been impressed with Jack lately), his sound feels like Elliot Smith something you should all go check out. I think of the four songs on that myspace site I either really like "Heartbeats" or "Crosses" I haven't decided yet.

I have nothing else to add for today. You should all be glad I've updated anything at all. Some of you are becoming big slackers like me, I'm allowed to say this.

**Edited in at unspeakable hour.**
Wrongfully Accused. As Instapundit put it this is the flip side of the Air Marshall case from Miami. Basically this is why I'm against the death penalty and why I believe IQ tests should be mandated for juries. Truly sad case and if enough people get pissed about this miscarriage of justice perhaps the big fat asses from Mississippi will get up and right the wrong that has been perpetrated upon this poor man.

"Many waters cannot quench love, neither can the floods drown it." - Anonymous

Image stolen from A moment of Zen (how ironic)

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Crystal said...

I can only say that I find him 'okay' but then again I often tell my husband that I think John Mayer is 'girly'. I mean a song or two of theirs in nice, but I get bored with it after a while. ::shrug:: I am picky with who I say is really good, though I'll listen to almost any one.

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