Wednesday, September 28, 2005

After some brief web surfing...

Okay well I've been goofing off all night and just cruising around random sites to find interesting things. I don't really have anything to do tomorrow so staying up all night wasn't that big of a deal, I've got two books to read but that's become like second nature so shouldn't be a problem at all. Anyways, on to the cool and interesting things which I have encountered.

Okay so I was reading a supplement to my Wired magazine intitled "Fashion Rocks". I found this idea interesting in that it comes from a magazine about tech and gadgets, but with a picture of Gwen Stefani, David Bowie, and Alicia Keys on the cover I couldn't really pass up reading about of a few of the featured musicians. The most intriguing was Gwen's as she talks about her high-end fashion line L.A.M.B. as well as her easier access one, Harajuku Lovers. Now the whole Harajuku thing interested me because it seemed a Japanese word (I was right) and yet it had some imported-into-English feel about it (I was partially right). Harajuku isn't really defined yet (other then being a district in Tokya near Yoyogi-koen park). It also is a fashion culture (to me it is an overendulgence in all things cute and the idea of cuteness) as illustrated by the following image which may disturb some of you.

If you really wish to see more of these crazy pictures just search on Google Images for Harajuku.

Next I came across a great site about music videos, those things you can never find on TV anymore even though three stations used to be entirely dedicated to them. Anyways, cliptip is providing streaming video of a different indie groups, though sometimes big names as well, and commenting on the videos posted. Great site, I learned about this one from my regular Wired magazine. a great video log from a young lady in New York City that talks about interesting things her viewers have submitted. They range from technology, fellow bloggers, TV, and nearly anything I think. I didn't check out that many of the videos, which usually last less than three minutes, but they all seemed to be very interesting and up-to-date.

Writely is actually something I found the other night and never got a chance to write about because I needed sleep after working all day and needing sleep for the next day of work. Anyways, it is about colloborative writing online. An amalgamation of word-processor and e-mail. Everyone who you include as a user to a document can log in and either edit or simply view it depending on the permissions you assign them. No longer would companies, or colloboraters in general, need to worry about document version everyone would be accessing the same document from all over the world through the world wide web, think project editing in real time. An interesting and brove new frontier in the field of literary development.

Lastly, I began to visit a few photoblogs for some strange reason, I was just compelled at about 5:30am to begin checking a few out. Here are my two current favorites (if you have any photoblogs you enjoy please let me know). First, Chromasia, great photos with descriptions of the shots and details about how they were shot, very professional in feel. Here are the permalinks to my two favorite, so far, from this site. Company Fierce #2 and Under Ice. Secondly, Bluehour, a slightly less professional feel but still very intense images. The descriptions of the photos aren't as in depth as chromasia but still good for a person who enjoys photos but knows little about photography. Here are my two favorites A Tree Stops For A Drink and Caught in the Sun. Both seem to me to be very intense shots that convey real power somehow.


Crystal said...

We had a Japanese friend who was talking about some of the crazy fashions there. A few more are Yamanba Gyaru


Ko-Gyaru or Ko-Gal

This site explains them a little bit here

Thats just to name a few, and well I thought that the people of San Fransciso and LA were willing to go 'out there' fashion wise... But if you want more info do some googling and you will see some more pics of the crazyness.

pvolt7 said...

You want photoblogs? I can send you my bookmarks file. I keep my eye on about 30 different sites. (unfortunately, only about 6-10 regularly update.)
Hi Matt.