Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Lost in Thought

Last evening I went and saw a great unknown band called The Chris McCarty Band. They are based out of Gainesville but do some touring, and Tampa is one of their favorite stops because the bongo player is from here. I picked up their third CD Dreaming in Stereo, they didn't have the first two there for sale. They were also doing some recording for a fourth live album that'll be released later. Anyways great band, if they are coming near you, Nathan they have a New York show, I'd highly recommend checking them out. They can best be described as a Modern Hootie and the Blowfish. They do a lot of original work but also do some great covers. Very high energy show, I may post a few pictures later (might even try to get video to work with the mobile blogger). Anyways, check out the website and you can hear some of their work through that MP3 link on their page. Hope you like them. Now onto other thoughts.

Okay if you haven't ever watched Lost (TV show) and plan to stop reading now. If you missed the premier this evening you should go find a recording of it and then come back. I don't want anything you read off of a spoiler website that's total BS when people do that. I want your personal thoughts and ideas about where the show is going and what is going on.

First off we have this hatch turn out to be some type of quarentine thing, why is it written on the inside though? (perhaps the online is on quarentine from those inside?) everything inside the hatch seems to be from around the mid60s or so, except one person pointed out to me that the washer and dryer are very modern. The guy inside the hatch was actually outside recently (we learn this through Jack's flashbacks during the episode) and he was apparently preparing for some Around the World did he get on the island? and how did he get inside the hatch?? Lastly concerning the hatch...what the HELL do those numbers really mean????

Next what happens with the three guys from the raft? We can assume they make it back somehow (we'll learn next week).

Another thought, we know what is going on with all the survivors from the midsection of the plane (they are the stars of our show), we know there were no more survivors form the front/cockpit of the plane. What about the later/tail section of plane? The one lady's husband who was in the bathroom? Anyone else back there? Are they somewhere on the island as well? Or did they all die out at sea?

Last question, where did the "Others" come from? and where did they get a boat with a motor at? I was originally thinking they were maybe somehow the descendents of folks who wrecked on the island in the "Black Rock" slave ship but their English (if that was even what the majority of them spoke) would be a bit different from ours? So who are all these people on this mysterious island and who did they all get to and survive on this island that is apparently not on any maps (even though it is fairly large)???

What are your thoughts folks?

By the way it was an excellent show answering some questions but also causing more questions. I also watched Invasion afterwards, while I think it is not up to the same level of quality, or even mysteriousness, it seemed a decent show. Thoughts on that as well if you have any.

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If the washer & dryer are did they get down the hatch if it was sealed?