Saturday, September 17, 2005

Science Fiction

Well this evening was the season finale of Stargate SG-1 (nice thing about Sci-Fi is that their season is the offseason, now I have Lost to look forward to). What is really annoying about TV shows is that they are always leaving you with these very disturbing mind-boggling cliffhangers. The SG-1 season ends with three threads left dangling just from the last two shows. Will the Jaffa go into a Civil War? Will the Prior's (think priest type guy of the devil) powers be effected by the machine Samantha built? Will America remain under quarantine due to the plague that the Priors have unleashed upon the Earth? Now SG-1 has been around a while and they do deal with the ethical questions, doubtful that it is on the scale which Battlestar attempts to tackle and grasp with such issues (as that entire show seems to be based on ethical/moral/religious conflict), however I can not imagine the agony that will befall Battlestar fans next week as that series has its season finale, which will undoubtedly be a cliffhanger. Why do they do this to us? Why are Season Finales always cliffhangers? Some question before going off...some hero protagonist in danger (sometimes mortal danger)... There has to be a better idea to run TV shows then the current model. This whole season idea drives me nuts...I'd much prefer they produce an entire show and run it beginning to end as well as selling the DVD. All in one crappy season'd also keep actors better this way as well. The audience wouldn't lose interest as easy (as long as the writing remained well thought out). Hmph, I hate TV network executives. Who died and put them in charge of my entertainment schedule?....Tune in five months or more later for the answers to these and other questions you never thought to ask...because you're still going to be caring.


Crystal said...

I may play WoW with my husband... but you my friend... are just as dorky as I.

This is why I generally don't watch serieses on TV, I just wait for it to end and then watch sesons 1-X all at once on a daily basis like TV should be seen. The story makes more sence that way.

Its like series books, its better if you can read it all at once. Otherwise you just have to reread the whole thing again each time the new books out 2 years later.

But then TV sucks, so maybe they just wan tto have those 2 recap episodes in the benginning of the next season so they don't have to come up with something creative. I think its all a matter or trying to make as much space filler with as little content as possible. I mean who doesn't enjoy a good clip show of crap from reruns we have already seen a billion times.

My posts are all so negative lately. Um... I like Scrubs? Thats positive...

Just Another Traveler said...

Hallowed are the Ori.