Monday, September 12, 2005

Yet another Monday...

Okay here is yet another Monday to be annoyed with. Sunday football utterly destroyed my chances for this week's matchup. Culpepper posted a very disappointing 1.7 or so...basically less than 2 points from a guy who should have put up more than 20. O well on to other things.

I really need to work on my motivation for school and my planning abilities. I have a fair bit of reading in Don Quixote still left over, I'll get it done I always do. And tomorrow before classes start I've got to buy the book that Amazon lost, read the General Prologue of Canterbury in the Middle English and then write a quick paper comparing a few of the professions to modern equivilents (no outside research just personal thoughts and comparisons). The paper is supposed to be around 1000 words so it won't be that difficult but once again my procastination is getting the better of me. Perhaps I should begin to treat myself like a child and not allow myself to do anything until my homework is all done. Ugh, I'm an idiot at times.

On to better things. Last night was the Foozer concernt (Weezer and Foo Fighters). The opening band was some group named Mae they were decent but a bit loud thus distorted on the vocals so true ability was unjudgable. Weezer was the first main act and they utterly blew all expectations away. Solid playing combined with a real interactivity with the crowd just made the show phenomonal (my being on the floor about fifteen people away from the stage really helped as well). Their encore was great because the lead singer came up on the sound board island alone and did an acoustic then returned to the main stage for some more rocking. Next up was the band I really came for Foo Fighters. Dave Grohl was simply ON. Part way through the first song his mic goes out so what does he do? HE simply gets out almost into the crowd and just starts singing along with them getting everyone on the floor to combine into "his voice". After the mic is replaced he finishes and tells us we were great and to do the same thing if it happens again. Overall the best part of the show was everyone else in Foo Fighters leaving the stage for Dave's solo acoustic version of Everlong. I'm so glad they didn't do the rock version because the acoustic is just that much better. Anyways, it was a great night and now I'm off to cheer Philly on against the Atlanta Falcons. Hopefully Westbrook can make me some points some I'm not utterly crushed this week. I also have some reading to do.


Crystal said...

Procrastination is not always bad. I know that for me my best work comes from having a tight deadline and the need to pump out my best in a short time. Its a test to see if you really can type a 2,500 word essay with references in 4 hours and make an A. The A is sweeter when there is a challenege to it.

BullSheff said...

More importantly than Foo Fighters....How was WEEZER???