Thursday, September 01, 2005

Stolen Photos

Sorry about double posting now you have more to are closer to understanding my dilemma. Anyways, was blog-surfing with the next blog button when I ran across a blog about a woman from New Orleans (title links to it). Her most recent post was just hilarious and I had to steal it. Anyways, I'm sure you can all see the hilarity yet sadness of this picture for I'm sure that in certain places it is all too true.


Anonymous said...

I don't know what gas prices are out East, but in CA I'm paying $3.01 for the cheap stuff- no joke. Premium is about $3.23 or higher (thank God I use the cheap stuff) the next time you think your prices are climbing, be thankful you aren't out here- unless of course yours are higher than this, in that case I salute you (and recommend buying a hybrid)

Matthew Robinson said...

Gas in Florida (Tampa at least) is about 2.68 or so I believe. It's going higher and higher and expected to level off around 3 something or higher. I heard on the radio yesterday (MJ morning show) that there is a gas station in Georgia somewhere that has Premium at 6.06 or something. They were trying to call that gas station when I had to go to class, they wanted to ask what was up with their prices. A lot of the "experts" say gas prices are going to become comparable with European prices which means nearly 6 dollars a gallon. Hydrogen cars and better hybrids are sorely needed. Thanks for commenting by the way.

Crystal said...

Well if we are trying to save the environment one step at a time, then hybrids are the way to go as they are more afordable for every day consumers. Also in order to make hydrogen fule (last time I checked in on it) we use a lot of resources and create several nasty side chemicals. It's like solar panels, they do the same thing so while yes they seem to be more 'enviro healthy' they produce toxic chemicals on the side. Also like nuclear power, the cleanest power we have, but radio active waste. Its a double edges sword.

Matthew Robinson said...

Crystal the only byproduct of a hydrogen enigine is oxygen and water. Here is an article that appeared in Wired magazine some time back. It talks about the possibilities of hydrogen fuel and engines being developed fairly soon. In fact they even did a 10 year plan for the hydrogen economy some time in the past two years (I'll have to go look up the magazine number). In any case for the time being we are still dependent on gas. Fortunately, America, Germany, Japan and by now possibly others have all opened their Petroleum reserves in order to combat rising crude barrel prices. This show of support from the international community is especially inspiring. Even though we often disagree with one another concerning politics we have all come together in order to help those who have suffered from the natural disaster. In any case it will be some time but eventually we will hopefully see a conversion to this clean fuel of the future.

Crystal said...

Having recently took all my Chem classes in the past few years (I still say organic Chem has nothing to do with Biology) I have herd a bit about producing hydrogen fule. I know that its biproduct is oxygen and water, however to make hydrogen fule (currently) you must expend a lot of energy

"But as scientists worldwide race to find cheaper ways to produce hydrogen"

The methods that worked the best (produced the most), we not enviro friendly and thus counter productive. Thats all I had ment by that.

I do see a lot of support from the international community, every one but the US. This is my one big beef about the US. We even snubbed our nose at the Kyoto Treaty which just about every one else in the internation community signed. While we refused to sign that we signed into effect laws that made it possible to over ride a states wishes to allow offshore oil drilling and we voted Yes to drilling in Alaska. Our president doesn't believe in Global warming!

I just can't say that the US is making any head way on any enviro causes. We are still taking baby steps when we need to be doing something. Now I know I sound like an angry Hippy, and its not that I have unreasonable goals. I am just sick of us doing nothing when we are the biggest problem on the planet (though china is fast approaching now that they have decided to get into automobiles). Bah, I have ranted more than enough on your blog. I should post on my blog about this later.