Sunday, July 24, 2005

The After Party

Matt Stites is a jerk. Last night he went to Chambers (a gay club) and was hit on by some guy after consuming serious quantities of alcohol - or so he says. In any case my phone number was given to the gay guy instead of Stite's number and 2 messages have already been left about the evening. Perhaps a new friend is in order but what's the point at this place in the game. In any case it was a good laugh. Now onto other things.

Okay, so this evening was so passe. I went to a bar for seriously cheap drinks (knew the bartender) and to play some pool and darts (specifically cricket). After getting there and playing a few games, Matt (Stites) got a call about a party in Fishhawk for work. This was of course welcome after 3 Vodka sprites. We didn't know who was throwing the party but we knew I was driving because Stites had at least 5 Long Islands. We venture to Drinking Matt's house (Matt P.) where more drinking takes place and then we drive the 15 (or so) minutes to Fishhawk where it turns out it is Rachael's birthday, a nice young lady who is only 20 and has a boyfriend. The one redeeming factor of this party was FREE beer (Guinness). Other then that it was a total sausage fest. In any case I'm now home, a little tipsy, and about ready to go to bed , maybe a bit of reading before hitting the hay but I'd probably forget anything I read so what's the point.


Just Another Traveler said...

Haha, I've always told you Matt was a bad influence on you :-) But then again, how else would you have any fun! But about this gay bar. Is this what you guys do for fun now? I think I may have to avoid you both when I get home.

Matthew Robinson said...

I said Matt went to the gay bar...not myself. Though from all that talk I think it would be hilarious to go and see some people's reactions to the environment.