Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The Wonder of it All

Okay in an effort to make my blog a bit more universal in appel, though I'm sure you all want to hear exactly what I do on a Tuesday, I took a trip over to the Firefox extension website and picked up a few tools for my browser that'll make blogging (and even web surfing) a bit more interesting and entertaining.

First up, The Blogger Bar, this little beauty will add in the Blog This option to any website. So you're surfing along and find a site you'd like to dedicate an entire post to. Hit that button and all of a sudden you're blogging away directly into your blog because it's smart enough to know who you are (though I think that has something to do with my "Remember me" settings). Anyways, wins a big thumbs up from me.

Second up, Stumble Upon! this one right here has you register and pick some categories to choose from. Whenever you press the Stumble button you are jumped to a random site within those categories that have already been rated by other viewers. You can then say, "I Like It" and it gives you more in a similar vein, or, "Not-for-me", and similar sites are removed from the randomness. You can also see who originally recommended the site and view other sites they recommended. In all a great little tool to help me find sites I would never have found using just Google and my own search words. Now to show you what this tool did for me already.

www.chrisjordan.com This is the website of a prominent photographer whose works have appeared in such things as the New York Times and the Smithsonian Magazine. Here are two works that really struck me as powerful.

<-- Cell Phones (click large view) Cigarette Butts-->

Very interesting works that I never would have found if not for Stumble Upon! So thanks Stumble!!

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Crystal said...

The cigarette butt thing has always been a point of anger with me, being a person who has done many a road side clean up I see their full effect.

I also did a thing with FSU where they showed how many cigarett butts were picked up around a building for a week and it was astonding, and that was just one week.

I honestly don't care if people smoke, but I think if they choose to do so they should have to smoke unfiltereds. All that non biodegradable styrophone! Your killing yourself any way, don't like it, quit.

On a side note some FL and CA beaches are now banning smoking on because the cigarette butts have become such a problem. Its unsightly, bad for the environment and just plain littering (most would not throw a soda can out the window but a butt... ::grumbles::).

::steps off soap box:: I am done now.