Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The Heart of the Matter

Okay, so about five minutes ago my mom called and told me that my uncle had suffered a heart attack, full blow not some minor attack. He had some emergency stints put in and is now in stable condition at UCH. This isn't his first heart related problem though his most severe. I'm not sure if I should drive on out there to see him or just wait until later to go see him. In any case I guess I just had to write it out to really wrap my head around it. Why do hearts fail at times? He is a healthy guy, a bit over-weight perhaps but in fair condition, much better then most of America, and he's only a little over 60 I believe (not sure). Not things to ponder so early in the morning. The sun shines yet it will be a dark day in my thoughts I fear. All go back to your lives and just be healthier about them.

*Edit* @ 11:45PM

Just so you all know my uncle is doing very well and will be moved to a regular room at the hospital tomorrow so I'll get a chance to head out there and visit him. My mom saw him this evening and apparently he is doing very well. So no worries.


Just Another Traveler said...

Sorry to hear about your uncle, i hope he gets better soon. It is strange how the heart will just give out. You try to keep the machine oiled and tuned but sometimes it just trips up. I go to the gym everyday, run three days a week, eat less than most people may age and weight, and try to keep myself as healthy as possible. But something as simple as a blood clot could negate all that diligent work. Ironic. Carpe diem eh? Or carpe pm if you're the night owl type. Anyway, wanted to let you know that John Barth (one of my fav. authors) has a new book out called "Coming Soon." Postmodern novel. Barth has done a lot of work on hypertext as a literary form. This book explores that idea. I haven't read it yet but by the looks of it, it seems worth the read. Later!

BullSheff said...

I'm sure those cigarettes that John smokes are really helping the process of health along....but F&%^ IT! We're grad students now...and what's a few carcinogens between friends?

:::back to the Pall Mall's:::

Crystal said...

Sorry to hear about your Uncle, I hope things continue to improve for him. When their are so many factors that contribute to why a heart stays good or goes bad its always so hard to say.