Sunday, November 16, 2008

Free Books!!

Okay so yesterday (I think it was) the list of available books for Library Things Early Reviewers came out. Here are the one's I'm trying to get. Sorry about the length but you can scroll a lot easier than I can figure out how to stagger and spoiler box.

Hotel on the Corner of Bitter And Sweet - a book about the Panama Hotel in Seattle and one man's memories of WWII and the interment of our Japanese citizens.

Circumference - a book about Eratosthenes an ancient Greek who made the first accurate measurement of a spherical Earth.

Gomorrah - being a novel of the corruption of Naples. (Having just finished City of Falling Angels which is about Venice and Venetians I think I'll enjoy this one if I get it).

Firmin - a novel about a mouse (or a rat) born into a bookstore where his family feeds mainly on books. He actually reads the books. An interesting idea that I find would make a compelling story line.

Genius and Heroin - a novel about how some of the most creative artists, writers and musicians have also been drug abusers. As someone hoping to one day be a writer it will be an interesting introspective into some of the figures that I admire.

There were a few others that I have elected to pick up. But these are by far some of the ones I'm really hoping to win. In any event I'll let you all know as soon as I know. Well back to your lives of not posting on your blogs (or commenting on mine). I'll talk to you all later.

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Crystal said...

Comment comment comment

Sorry I have not had much time to reply, things are still a bit crazy as of late.

Things are good

We leave May 09 unless we can extend to stay

Jason renelists in Dec for 4 more years

If we do leave we have no idea where we will be

but now off to sleepy