Thursday, November 06, 2008

Habits are created by forcing yourself to do unusual things

Okay so the old rumor is that if you do something for like 10-15 days it will become a habit. Well here goes. In an effort to get this back to a regular occurrence I figured why the hell not. Crystal in answer to your question in the comments: well that all depends on how attached you are to your husband's soul, or even his presence. Seriously people spend ridiculous amounts of time on that game but if he enjoys web-based games he may want to check it out. It being text based it may not appeal to him but one never knows. And if he just wants to check it out and then has any constructive criticism feel free to pass that along. On to other topics. I'm about to go take a shower (see I stay hygienic and clean because long ago I was forced to take them every day so now it's a habit) and then go and apply for a job as either a teacher or teaching assistant at the day care down the road from my house. I'm not certain if this is a good thing or a bad thing. It'd be a job that requires me to conform to a regular schedule, however (and this is a big however) I think I may kill a child because I can't usually stand them for any length of time. Especially younger ones that are allowed to act like they don't know the difference between right and wrong. You know they know it however they are such manipulative little bastards that no one else realizes it. Anyways, I'll probably apply to every location between there and the interstate because I need a job for the holidays at least (if not something more permanent).

Ah well, in any case if anyone reading this is interested in perhaps resurrecting the tradition of supporting artists feel free to send me checks and I'll write poems, stories or whatnot dedicated to your patronage. Speaking of which I need to finish this short I'm working on to try and get it published. Okay, I'm out for the day. If I'm not back tomorrow send a dominatrix to tell me what a bad boy I am. (I'm seriously thinking of skipping tomorrow in the hopes that someone will do that.) Good day to you all.

Late Edit: I've added the link to my Library Thing profile in the World's Beyond Section on the side. I've also replaced my Hamlet quote with something I wrote myself a bit back. Comments are fine.

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Crystal said...

My husband is also a bit of a nerd, he has lost himself in more text based games... you might have him hooked already if he was not out playing in the big sand box that is the middle east.

As for some one who hates children and teaches English to them... its all acting really. I smile, I pretend I care about their stupid rainbow or how well they did on their test. If you can act, you can teach.

That last sentence makes me reevaluate every teacher I ever had...