Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Laying the smack down

Okay so one of my current duties in my online persona is be a forum moderator. Now I'm kind of the head forum moderator (admins have said it but the positional ranking doesn't reflect that, because of various reasons). Anyways, we have a person of a lower maturity level who tends to not differentiate his in-game persona and his moderating persona. This of course leads to some serious issues since he is one of the more powerful players in the game. Recently he decided to overstep his authority and do some retarded things thus seriously pissing me off. Never a good idea. Anyways, so I'm in the middle of laying things down to him and he is pretty much ignoring what I'm saying because he doesn't understand the way that even though our forums reside within someone else's...we're totally separate. So I bring in the game admin to the chat conversation.

His entire attitude changed instantly. Was like night and day. So we got the basic guidelines sorted out to him and made him realise that we operate independently and differently than the forum that we are within. So now the admin and I are bringing in another moderator whom I've known from gaming for a while, but the best part is that he and the immature mod don't really get along too well. Hilarity will soon be ensuing. Anyways, the reason I'm posting this is because my general life is boring. I need to find a hot woman with enough money to make me independently wealthy. That or get a job. Later all.

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