Sunday, August 28, 2005

The Power of the Internet

Okay so I recently installed a StatCounter on my blog here, just to see how many visits I was getting, and how long those visits were lasting. I'd like to thank John and Crystal for stopping in as often as they have. As well as Lewis(I believe) and a few others who have stopped in from Infinite Monkeys. But what really intrigued me was that someone from California has made multiple visits to my website. Now I personally do not know anyone in California so it intrigued me when I saw that someone from there had stopped in at least twice on two separate days. So I just wanted to say hello to everyone that I don't actually know who reads this. Feel free to introduce yourself as I'd love to check out your blog in return. By the way the StatCounter is totally free and is pretty interesting to see. Things like 63 Unique visitors on Friday but only 9 on Sunday. In any case hello to all the strangers that the power of the Internet has brought here.

Next up my Fantasy Football Draft. If you care to know here is my team. Feel free to comment.

Team Name: The Fall Down Drunks
1. Dante Culpepper - QB
2. Laveranues Coles - WR
3. Roy Williams - WR
4. Jimmy Smith - WR
5. Clinton Portis - RB
6. LaMont Jordan - RB
7. Deion Branch - WR
8. Brian Westbrook - RB
9. Carnell Williams - RB
10. Jake Delhomme - QB
11. L.J. Smith - TE
12. Mike Anderson - RB
13. Larry Johnson - RB
14. Philadelphia Eagles - DEF

Now I opted not to take a kicker because the differences between kickers really aren't all that great so I wasn't too worried about picking one up after the draft completed. I'm a bit heavy on RBs but you need depth due to injuries. Our league starts 3 WRs and also has a WR/TE flex position. Being a match-up league I'm feeling fairly good. I've got probably the highest scoring QB. Larry Johnson for RB for when Priest Holmes gets hurt. Delhomme as a very nice back-up QB for Culpepper's bye week as well as in case of injury. I've got some decent RBs but I'm hoping someone will trade multiple people for someone that is a bit higher up in the rankings. Now all there is to do is wait for the first week of games to start on 9/8 through 9/12. After that then my serious trash talk will begin. Good night all.

P.S. As I ran the spell checker over this I noticed that Blog is apparently not in the dictionary for this spellchecker. How hilarious. Of course neither is spellchecker. Haha.


Crystal said...

I may have to switch my counter to yours, we shall see after further investigation.

Just Another Traveler said...

So, how can I instal this counter of yours? I would love to see who all visits my site, because I'm vain and need to feel loved ;-) Really, how do I do it? And as far as the football part of your entry goes...well, you know how much I know about sports. That's the one with the pigskin right?

Good luck in classes!

Just Another Traveler said...

Nevermind, I think I figured it out. I'm not exactly techno savey when it comes to html, but cut-n-paste, how hard can that be. We'll see how well it works after a few days. Later!