Tuesday, August 30, 2005


The third definition found at dictionary.com suites me best.

3. Eager, often agitated desire: my anxiety to make a good impression.

In seven hours and ten minutes from the time of my typing this I'll be a student in college once again. I'm a person very much concerned with first impressions, not only with my teachers but my fellow students. I haven't looked forward to a semester of school this much since probably high school (sadly about five years ago). Not only am I excited about expanding my mind I'm a bit nervous at my work load. Besides working in a restaurant probably about fifteen to twenty hours a week, I'll also be taking fifteen hours of classes, Literature/English classes to be specific. Let me just say that my reading list will very soon be extensive and have multiple volumes on it as once. I'm beginning with Don Quijote, The Canterbury Tales, Night, some 17th century poets (then onto Milton), and Hamlet (do plays get underlines?). Needless to say I'm going to go insane rather quickly the spiral into madness will be preserved for posterity here within my blog, I ask forgiveness for this while I am still coherent and lucid.

Now as I promised Crystal here is the Philosophy test that apparently everyone that is cool is doing (now ensues the jumping off a bridge question). Take the test here.

1. Ayn Rand (100%)
2. John Stuart Mill (84%)
3. Epicureans (75%)
4. Aristotle (71%)
5. Aquinas (67%)
6. Jean-Paul Sartre (65%)
7. Nietzsche (63%)
8. Kant (56%)
9. Prescriptivism (56%)
10. Jeremy Bentham (54%)
11. Cynics (51%)
12. Thomas Hobbes (47%)
13. Plato (46%)
14. St. Augustine (45%)
15. David Hume (42%)
16. Spinoza (41%)
17. Ockham (40%)
18. Nel Noddings (33%)
19. Stoics (33%)

No great surprise that I ended up with Rand as my 100%.

John, the statcounter I use can be found at Statcounter.com located at the bottom of my sidebar. Just sign up and follow their instructions if you have any questions let me know. Sidenote, I learned from the Statcounter that you Crystal are not using Firefox or Mozilla, but rather MSIE 6.0. Escape the domination of Microsoft and convert to the world of the Gecko family. See the link in my Navbar or at the bottom of my sidebar. I guess I'll still love ya if you continue to use IE but at least try out Firefox, it's so nice.

I also learned who my California visitor is. Apparently it is InktomiSearch which is a webcrawling search engine spider that apparently likes to visit my site fairly often for some unknown reason. Ah, well not gaining national recognition afterall. I guess I'll have to tell the few people in California that I now recall I do know that I have this. That way I can say I'm read Coast to Coast. Haha.

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Crystal said...

Yes, I do use IE and well I am not ashamed. I have never failed to load a page (even yours shows fine), I have never had IE fail to work properly, in short, IE has been good to me.

My experiences with FireFox have not been good. FireFox will nto work properly with my Movie Collector program, it has failed to load a page properly (several times) and god to I hate internal tabs (thats a Jason thing). In short FireFox has failed me, most of the times I have used it.

My husband uses FireFox and it anoys the crap out of me, as I do not like most of firefox's features or how it works. If I used Firefox, I would want it to work and look like IE, thus compleatly defeating the purpose (other than fewer viruses, though my virus checker has saved me from most of it).

So yes Mircrosoft is the devil, but they put out a decent product (at least it works for me personally), and I am not going to go looking for other browsers that I can dress up to look like IE just so I can say I am not sleeping with microsoft.

So there :oP