Monday, August 08, 2005

So I'm Drunk...

Let me just say that before I was drunk the girls were hot....and that's all that really matters. John and I play a few games of pool and then darts. We decided to sing "Sweet Home Alabama", all John's idea. We bought a few girls some shots.Since I knew the bartender I thought it'd be okay but it turned out not so hott. Anyways, I talked to some hott girls and then we ran out before singing the song they requested which would have them talking to us more. Anyways, John owes me and we were both trashed. I'll talk to you all tomorrow night at trivia. Later.

Edit: I don't even remember writing this post. Good times.

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BullSheff said...

Well DONE! I am so proud that you two went out and got trashed, even if it was without me. Alas, we will get together at some point. Nurse your hangovers for now.