Monday, August 01, 2005

Reasons to Work in a Restruant (or Hardly Work)

Okay so Saturday night was Jefwas in July, an annual celebration that involves drinking, a theme (this year was the 80's notice the costumes), and of course Sara Michelle Geller. Now, this is one of the bonuses of working in a restruant, crazy parties with alcohol and beautiful young ladies (most of which want absolutely nothing to do with you). Okay so a few more pictures from the party and then on to other things.

Sorry about the blurry qualty of the pictures had I realized how many great photo moments would have been generate by an 80's themed party I would have brought my real camera instead of just my phone cam. Anyways, these are probably some of the best costumes at the party. The sports coats, t-shirts, jeans look was huge in the 80's, especially ripped jeans.

Now for the bad news about working in a restruant. There is always your last day on the job. If you're one of those people that are easily offended don't look; if you enjoy funny junk take a peak. Anyways, this was Evan earlier today after his last shift - for the time being - at Macaroni Grill. Imagine whip cream in his hair and all over the right side of his face, not to mention the flour someone tossed on him. Man are we evil. Side note, yes this is the type of stuff that occurs in the back area of restruants that you can't see. I will say however that I, nor anyone that I know of has ever done anything nasty to food, drink, or such that goes to a table. We do goof off as much as possible though in order to alliviate the strees of dealing with crappy tables who do nothing but bitch over one too many ice cubes in their drink and then leave a measly ten percent or so tip and think they've made your day with it. Twenty percent is what I always expect and nearly demand, I gave change back to a guest once and told them it was change not a tip. They weren't really happy but at least they didn't insult me, they must have forgotten the tip entirely. Ah well, such is life. Sorry for the server rant.

Well it's all been a great bit of fun these last few days. Sorry for not keeping you more up to date, but the bed calls more loudly then the blog does, at least at this point and I hope it stays that way until I'm making money off this somehow.

Parting words, I have floor tickets to Weezer and Foo Fighters Co-Headling tour which appears in Tampa on September 11th at the St. Pete Times Forum. Should be a damn good time.


Just Another Traveler said...

Much jealousy...

Matthew Robinson said...

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful. uhm wait your comment had nothing to do with that....ah...o well. See you in less then a week John boy.

Crystal said...

Omaha has great bands that come thew here... and they all sell out 30 minutes after they start to sell them. This is what happens when all the bands come to Omaha and meet that demand of 4 states all at once. Instead of doing something like playing in Atlanta and then Tampa and then Miami they just play Omaha and then leave. Its almost impossible to get tickets to anything. Bah, I never though I would say this, but I miss Tally (for the bands).

Just Another Traveler said...

I'm so happy that you are looking into Barth. I haven't read Floating Opera yet because I'm still debating on whether or not to start "Comming Soon!!!" The great thing about Barth is that his style is engaging, funny, sacreligious at times, but also philisophical and a perfect example of the spirit of our time (zeitgeist if ou prefer). "The Sot Weed Factor" was my first experience with him and since then I was hooked.

You know, I had cotemplated quickly posting a new blog to cover up the current because I found it to be boring and over-serious. But your response has got my thinking more and more about the nature of "blogging." So thanks!

Anyway, I've got an exam so I better study. See you in a few days! (PS- I hope a beer will be waiting...I've been without since I got here).

BullSheff said...

I need an update, damnit!