Saturday, August 06, 2005

Okay Two Things for this Evening.

First up, a really cool website for any fan of ascii art, the matrix, or interesting websites. The Ascii Matrix is probably one of the most unique sites I've ever run across and it is once again thanks to Stumble. So if you haven't gotten Stumble for your Firefox browser get it.

Second up, my evening. I went to dinner with my parents (if it's free why on Earth would I refuse?) at Johnny Carino's. Now as some of you know I work at Macaroni Grill. Both are country italian restruants, in most people's opinion Carino's is pure knockoff of Macroni Grill, this is mostly true. There are a few dishes on their menu though that we do not have on ours, namely Lambchop Marsala. MMMmmm, good. Not nearly as much lamb as I had hoped for at the price, but still are rather nice dish that went well with the Shiraz (Rosewood I believe) that they carry. Now in order to make a family evening of it we decided to go ahead and get a movie over the cable box with Movies on Demand. None of us having seen Hitch and all being fans of not only Will Smith but comedy (even if they are romantic comedies) it was an easy choice, I think I had seen nearly all the other options. It was your classic romantic comedy plot. Boy meet girl, fall in love, girl do something stupid (or sometimes the guy), guy lose girl, guy fight to get girl back. Will Smith and Kevin James really make this a movie worth seeing. Smith's smooth style and James's social ineptness really make the two mesh well as co-actor's allowing the male side of the story (the main plot him overcoming fear in order to fight for what he wants) can really be told by two great actors. If you haven't seen it, go ahead and drop the $2-4 and rent it for a date night (or to pick up a few pointers if you're currently dateless). Overall, a pleasant and relaxing evening.

Tomorrow is an all day at work and Monday night is trivia because John-boy is back in TOWN. Until I write again.

Last thing, Sunday (the 7th) is my friend Nikole's birthday, her 21st to be specific. So happy birthday to you dear and you're now world famous because we all know that the movers and the shakers of the world read my blog.


Just Another Traveler said...

Yes, famous Nicole, because Matt is the shiznit, the down-low, the all-you-need-to-know-and-more blogger.

Crystal said...

I thought Hitch was just okay, but then I think that mostly stemmed from the fact that I have adverse claw-my-eyes-out-and-chew-off-my-arm to date/girly movies. It did have some comedic moments and this is what made me watch it, that and Jason wanted to see it, so it wasn't to bad. So if I can like it, any one can like it.

And Happy Birthday Nicole who ever you are!