Friday, August 12, 2005

My Hott Friends will be here Soon.....yeah RIGHT

John and I are supposed to meet Stephanie Handel (a girl we both knew in High School, very cute, outgoing, and generally fun to hang out with...she still is). We meet her, Matt ends up not having to work so he meets up with us for a few drinks and pool. Then my cousin calls and she and hot female friends are out at Whiskey Park North. "Let's go" is the general consensus. So, John, Steph, and I head out there Matt goes home. We arrive. "Hott friends will arrive in 30 minutes." Sure no prob let's drink until then. 45 minutes later..."where are your hott friends"..."I'm not sure." Damn o well. So we hang out see a guy we haven't seen since high school (Brent Selph, who is now in Law school at FSU second year). Turns out he worked in the Public Defender's office with a guy who likes my cousin. After a while, Marie's (my cousin) one female friend who was there decided she drank too much and her body begins the wonderful cycle of regergitation (vomitting). John and I decide to do our good deed for the week (month...year) and offer to take her home because some pyscho guy who is in love with her wouldn't leave her side. We get her in the car and after a few stops along the side of the road we finally get her home, where after dumping out her purse she finds her keys and gets inside safely. We then proceed home where I am now and wondering if my cousin made it home safely or if I have to go kill some guy that either didn't help her get home safely or took advantage of her. Either way he gets to suffer before death. I'll see you all again tomorrow or Saturday, goodnight.

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