Tuesday, August 30, 2005

I am Still Breathing

Well that's one day down about 31 more to go. It seems all my classes are going to be fairly entertaining as well as informative (I have not had my Modern Short Novel class as that is only a Thursday night class). My Brit Lit class is going to be a nice over view from Milton on into 1780, however it is WAY TOO EARLY (9:30am). Chaucer:Canterbury Tales should be really fun (John I may need your help on some Middle English you crazy guy). In Late Shakespeare we are only doing five plays, Hamlet, Othello, Macbeth, King Lear, and The Tempest. All those classes together should really help me understand my other two class Modern European Novel (though this class is more focused on the continent) and of course Modern Short Story (I think this is also more focused on the Continent). Overall I'm really looking forward to these courses. Modern Euro Novel will probably be the most illuminating as I'll be reading seven texts of which I've only read one before (and that a bit ago in a class that I didn't pay much attention to, though I'm fairly familiar with Metamorphosis by Kafka).

I've got two papers in Chaucer both of which should be fairly easy as they will require no research for the first (900-1200 words) and provided research for the second (2000-3000 words).

Modern Short Novel's syllabus states there will be two, two to three page papers for that class (critical essays on works read). These should be fairly easy.

Modern Euro Novel is going to have two papers. First (500-1000 words) no critical refrences. Second (4-6 pages), analytical paper on a topic from a list. This one is a bit more developed and researched, will probably one of my most difficult papers.

Brit. Lit. has one in-class writing, not much prep on that except to read and think. There is also a research paper on an outside time/social topic for the period (I think I may do coffeehouses/newspapers/The Royal Society or who knows). This paper is not to exceed eight pages and has to have five sources cited. However as it is not a critical essay but a topical essay of choice this essay should prove fun.

Late Shakespeare is going to have five summaries (one for each play) she wants these pages to be less then two pages (closer to one preferred), no problem here. There is also going to be a research paper for this class however I currently don't have any information on it.

Overall, I'll be doing a serious quantity of reading. A fair bit of easy writing, and a small, very intensive amount, of researched/critical writing.

Sanity slipped a bit from my grasp this morning (I was waking up at 7:00 AM this morning - usually if I see this hour I'm about to fall asleep).


Crystal said...

I loved Canterbury Tales, thats a great book. I think gorwing up Canterbury Tales (which growing up in Canterbury CT peaked my interest) and Three Musketeers were two of my favorite. But thats besides the point.

Ew for writing papers, but you don't seem to have to site to many sources so that doesn't seem to bad. All the papers they want me to write for my crap always have a billion sources and thats the hardest part, finding people who agree with what you think you have found.

Good luck with day 2

Just Another Traveler said...

Hey! I didnt get that girl's number, but i did get another's and (strangely) I have a picture to prove it! I'll post it on my next entry.