Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Words of Wisdom

Well perhaps not so much wisdom as mere words. However, my excuse Nathan is similar to yours. I have done nothing except work and read these last few days. My last post was titled boredom for a reason I simply can not wait for school to begin as life is fairly boring while I am in full anticipation of that day which is less than a week away.

I have somewhat begun to prepare (buying books counts right?). I have some background reading to do, begin with English history during Chaucer, move through Shakespeare then into later history through 1780. After that it will be to understand the influences of the Modern Short Novel and the Modern European Novel, by the way Modern European Novel begins all the way back with Cervantes apparently as we are going to read at least part of Don Quixote. But yes John I have begun that background reading as well as reimmersing myself in the art of reading multiple books/texts at once (well not simultaneously but you understand). I am nearly finished with Barth's Floating Opera and I fear I may not have time to read The End of the Road. At the bookstore today I begin to read Gilead:A novel by Marilynne Robinson, the name attracted me as well as the fact that it won the Pulitzer this year. I've read up to page 51 and I must say it draws one in and urges them to continue the reading I may pick the book up, but more likely I'll read it at B&N. Anyways, as soon as I finish Barth I'm going to begin Wiesel's Night which is our first text for my Modern Short Novel class. Don't expect much until Tuesday evening after my first day of classes.

Secondarily, I began work on a personal project which may one day become a novel, a graphic novel, an anime TV/movie program, or remain digital 1's and 0's (the most likely). Anyways, I will talk with you all again.

Sidenote, school is much too expensive for students to ever afford it, I spent $630 on tuition alone after my FLORIDA PREPAID, come on I'm going to college so I can get a real job and make money, what is up with these upfront's just like those get rich quick schemes that never pan out....ah well. I will definitely have something Tuesday evening...probably not before.


Crystal said...

My most depressing day was the day that I figured out each year I had about $10,000 to live on for one year in college to cover everything I needed. I spent over $1,500 each year on books! Thats more than 1/10 my entier budget. I am not sure how I made it with out eating my books...

Just Another Traveler said...

::as he pulls the shreds of binding from between his teeth::

Yeah, books are a killer. I just spent a hundred dollars on books for one class. And that was only 4 books: I have 22 left to buy (though, much smaller thankfully). The fact that my tuition is mostly paid by loan doesnt help either because I know that by the time I graduate I'll be at least 40,000 in debt. Oh well, hmmmm, velum... tastes like pig.

Crystal said...

Heh at least you guys pay $100 for four books... most of my are 1 book for about $120-150. And they LOVE to put out new editions every year, despite the old one having the same thing except that some one has fixed a few typo's. This then prevents any resale value of said $150 book. Ah the expenses of an education these days.