Wednesday, August 03, 2005


"BullSheff said...

I need an update, damnit!"

Okay so here is my update. I've been coughing and hacking up nasty, nasty phlegm. No sore throat, no temperature, just annoying coughs and pain in my neck muscles whenever I decide to turn my head. I begin self-medication the other evening with little effect, however I can no say the cough is nearly gone but the muscle pain is even worse. Someone needs to buy me a masseuse to make this pain go away. Anyways, I've done very little recently. I was invited to join a fantasy football league which should be interesting. I've never "REALLY" followed football but I do know that the object of the game is carry that little ball around and avoid other guys. Crazy sports we Americans have.

Anyways, no worries that you are all missing out on some great big stories. I just hurt when I move my head so I haven't read much or done much of anything. Don't worry though I'll be better before John comes in town so we can do something insane to commemorate his last free week before Grad school. Side note, I start school on Aug. 29 and part of me can not wait, the part that lives a very boring life, the other part is smugly sure that 15hours of Lit/Eng classes is too much for any one man to pull off, I tell this part to shut-up and remind it of my clone machine (think Calvin and Hobbes).

"Jackson said
(PS- I hope a beer will be waiting...I've been without since I got here)."

To this I say,

Wouldst thou care for a pale or a dark lager, or any particular brew?
It shall be the one waiting on you.
The other beers will all have been drunk by myself, Matt, or drinking Matt, but we'll save you one.



BullSheff said...

Have one (or four for me). I prefer a Guinness or a nice Heifeweizen. But hell, I'm a grad student now...I'll have to switch to Coors Light!

How are having sex in a canoe and Coors Light the same? They're both F%$#^%* close to water!

Just Another Traveler said...

Haha!! I love that joke. But hey Matt! I just got a message from Stephanie Handal (remember her?). I said she should hang out with us one night next week: beer and pool and what not. Cool with you?

Matthew Robinson said...

Sounds fine to me. If she has any hot friends tell her to bring them along as well. She's over 21 now right? Anyways, I'm off on Saturday night, Monday night (trivia), all day Tuesday so we should have plenty of opportunity for the welcome back drink fest. You're back on Saturday morning? afternoon? or night? Let me know.

Just Another Traveler said...

I'm back Saturday night, but not till 11. So I'll see ya on Monday. I'll see what her schedule is like (and her hot friends' too).

BullSheff said...

I am becoming absolutely amazed at how much we don't use email anymore. I just got a kick out of you two.

Matthew Robinson said...

My email is so full of trash I barely bother to check it let alone send out messages to someone. This is just so much faster, and some how it seems a part of the blog. The comments are an extension of what is already occuring within the post. Maybe like a scrolling newsbar across the bottom of the news channels? (this news metaphor is getting a little out of hand)